Headshot - $30

Bust - $40

Waist Up - $60

Full body - $75

PNGtuber art


Animated Art


Turn Around Time

  • Headshot- 2 to 5 days

  • Bust up- 5 to 10 days

  • Waist up- 10 to 12 days

  • Full body- 12 to 20 days

  • Animation- 5 to 9 days

  • Live2D Model- 20-60 days


  • You can claim you're slot via DM by paying (atleast 50%) upfront.

  • Refunds are not accepted unless I cannot complete the commission

  • Remittance fees (paypal fees) will be added when asking for the final payment.

  • Total price will be base price+ paypal fee.

  • The given prices are the base prices. The final prices will depend on factors such as complexity,background and details.

  • NSFW fee - + 40%

  • Private Commission fees- +20%

  1. Commissions completion on first come, first serve basis.

  2. Information such as The background, color palette, pose, reference sheets of character should be provided by the client, once the slot is claimed.

  3. Every commissioned art/sketch/WIP may be posted on my social media handles unless the client refuses me to do so.

  4. Clients will get sketch wip in under 3-4 days* after paying upfront.

  5. Coloured Sketch WIP will only be provided if your character has wrong color Palette that needs to be modified.

  6. Once the commissioner is satisfied and sketch is finalised, edits will only be allowed for small details or colors. A total of 3 edits will be accepted in Sketching phase. More than that will have a 5$ extra fee. Revisions are not unlimited

  7. Payment will only be accepted via PayPal, (I may consider other means)

  8. The above prices are the base prices. The final prices will depend on factors such as complexity,background and details.

  9. Credits always have to be given if posted or used somewhere. You are not allowed to mark the commission as your own work.

  10. Commercial works will be posted on my social media with visible watermarks. Commissioner will receive a version without watermark.


If you're interested in commissioning me , you can contact me via Email, Twitter, Instagram or Discord (preferred)I'll try to reply as soon as possible (in case the message request doesn't reach me on twitter or Instagram due to some technical issue please contact me via Gmail or Discord ^^ )Once I reach to you , please fill the following information

  1. Slot(s) : (the number of slots)

  2. Type : (Headshot, Bust, Half Body, Knees Up, or Full Body)

  3. References : Please send enough references(can be previous artworks of the character).I can work with descriptions but that'll charge extra fee + please include pictorial representations with word discriptions.

  4. Payment: Half upfront or Total upfront

  5. Additional : Personal use or commercial use

  6. Plain bg or complex bg